Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on Baby Hanna

We went to see the specialist in St. George last week. He said that they aren't exactly sure what causes the shortening of the cervix, so they aren't exactly sure how to fix it. So he said they take every pre-causion that they can. He said that everything that our doctor is doing is good and he wouldn't change anything. He seemed to be very optimistic that the baby won't come for awhile longer. It helped us quite a bit to here what he had to say.

We went to our doctor yesterday and he said we are loosing a little ground. He said that his first concern is my water breaking and his second concern is me going into pre-term labor. I always thought that once your water broke you were in labor and would have your baby at any time. Apparently they can hold of the labor or the baby coming for awhile. He said he had one lady that went another two and a half weeks after her water broke before she delivered. If my water does break then I will be put on bed rest in the hospital. He still seemed pretty optimistic that I will be okay for awhile longer as long as I stay off my feet.

Other than all of that I am doing fairly well. I am not having hardly any more cramping, so I am feeling pretty good. I am quite bored, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Everything else is going good. We will continue to keep you all updated.

Baby Shower

Shellie is throughing me a shower on August, 23. I just wanted to let everyone know that you are all invited. It will be held in Parowan, UT. If any of you would like to come please RSVP to Shellie at 477-9990, as soon as possible. Hope to see you there.