Friday, October 17, 2008

First 2 nights

Hanna is home now Sharisa is doing really well. We both had no sleep the first night, Hanna thinks that when the sun goes down that it is day time. She will get the hang of it. She has jaundice so we have the lights home she lives in the suitcase right now. Thanks for all the prayers and love we really appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmailkimandsharisa.

Hanna LouJean Lovell

She is hear. Hanna was born last night at 10:00 Pm, she weighed 6LB 9 OZ she is 19 inch long. She has lots of hair and it is not red or blond, it is dark brown. Sharisa came in yesterday because she did not fill Hanna move all night. Hanna was stressed out and ready to come so they induced Sharisa. They came into the room and broke her water about 9:30 Pm and then she went quick. So we are way excited everything looks good. I will try and put a picture on here.