Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lovell Family Report

I know it has been forever since I wrote. It is crazy with a little one around.

I can't believe Hanna is getting so big, so fast. She is almost seven months old. I love being a mom, it is the best thing ever. Some new things that are going: Hanna is rolling over like crazy. She still will only roll over to the right and back, but she gets where she wants to (eventually). She turns in circle and slowly pushes herself where she wants to go. We are certain that she will be crawling very soon, she gets up on her on her hands and knees. Hanna is eating three meals a day and only about four-4oz bottles. She is talking like crazy and is a great baby. She is still a little wobbly when she sits on her own, but she is getting better every day.
Kim is as accident prone as ever. His back is still bothering him. The other day he sliced his finger with a razor blade at work. He had to have six stitches. Other than that not much has changed with Kim. He is still enjoying shed hunting every weekend. He is having a lot of fun working on is garden. He drew out for the deer hunt and is very excited about that. Kim is the best husband ever and a wonderful father.

I am not up to much, just being a wife and mother. I am definitely enjoying the nice weather and being able to take walks and hang out outside. I just wish that the wind would go away.
Here are some pictures of the past month or so:


Gene and Jenna said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! Seems like she was just born! She's as cute as ever!

Brittany said...

You look so good, and Hannah is absolutely beautiful! We really do need to get together sometime.

Aaron and Brandy said...

Such cute pictures! I love the one of Kim and Hanna where it looks like they both just woke up. Hope all is well at your house!

Farnsworth Family said...

She is SO adorable and getting so big.

Also, we were sending Strider's graduation announcements out and we wanted to send one your way, but we don't have your address- could you text or post it on our blog?

Thanks- Hope you're doing well. :)

Elaina said...

Look how big she's gotten!! Wow! My daughter does not like being on her stomach and she will roll from her back to her side that's it. If we stand her up she will start moving her feet like she's walking. She's done this since she was 2 months. Love all the pics!! She's so ADORABLE!! you look great!!